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Lockdown Lifting - Kids Birthday Parties!

Lockdown Lifting - Kids Birthday Parties!

Lockdown is Lifting! And birthday parties are coming back.

So What to Do?

1) Think about what your child likes and start planning the party around that. Big birthday bashes in a hall? Smaller, more intimate parties in your home?

2) Send out a save the date as soon as possible. - there are only so many dates pre end of term. You can send out more formal invites afterwards.

3) Prepare in advance - get all party bags, decoration, kids cakes all ready to go.

4) On the day - you need at least two adults per party. One to open the door, get food together and one to entertain children or run the activity. (This is when you book in pros - hint hint).

5). Have set places for jackets and presents as people comes in so they don’t get put down everywhere.

Any questions - call or text me for a friendly chat.